Programme information
Plenary sessions
Some plenary sessions have been planned. Invited speakers will open each session.

Parallel sessions

Each parallel session will have 5 submitted presentations of 15 minutes each (10 minutes presentation, 5 minutes discussion). It is intended that presentations (oral and poster) are about new research results, but also presentations given on previous conferences will be accepted. The presentations should be representative about the research of the group. In the abstract up to 5 references to the work of the research group can be included. Frans van de Vosse (, Technical University Eindhoven) and prof.dr. Jenny Dankelman (, Delft University of Technology) are the program coordinators.

Evening Programme: Research market

On the evening of January 22 there will be a beer-and-wine party, during which a research market will be organized where research groups and companies can present themselves. Research groups are loosely defined, and can be a department. within a university, or research lines within an institute. It is up to each group. For each research group a table and poster boards will be available.You can bring a beamer and screen, if you want to have e.g. a continuous powerpoint presentation, etc. Bart Verkerke (, University of Groningen/ University of Twente) and Peter Veltink (, University of Twente) will organize the evening program.