Research Market

On the evening of January 22 there will be a beer-and-wine party, during which a research market will be organized where research groups and companies can present themselves. Research groups are loosely defined, and can be a department. within a university, or research lines within an institute. It is up to each group. For each research group a table will be available, and poster boards.You can bring a beamer and screen, if you want to have e.g. a continuous powerpoint presentation, etc.

Two years ago this evening has been very successfull: a good impression of the BME activities within the Netherlands has been presented. Many contacts have been made. BMTI will again sponsor this event.

Participants are:

Organisers: Bart Verkerke (, University of Groningen/ University of Twente) and Peter Veltink (, University of Twente) will organize the evening program.